Hog / Pig Spit Roast for South Coast Area - Hampshire, Dorset, Sussex, Berkshire
hog roast / beef and lamb roasts / surf and turf / event catering for the south coast
Tasty Trotters Spit Roast Specialsts
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Tasty Trotters are renowned for cooking their premium meats to perfection; we are able to get the crispiest crackling whilst retaining all the natural flavours and juices of our locally produced pork, lamb and beef.

Public Event Hog Spit RoastingWe use roasting machines that are a combination of hog roast and spit roast and this enables us to cook hogs up to 85 kg for larger occasions or public events. For smaller events of up to several hundred guests, the spit roast method is preferred as this gives the most visual impact. Our machines were developed and manufactured to C E compliance by the UK's No.1 Hog roast manufacturing company Spitting Pig.

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